Berkeley energised as it targets first uranium output in 2018

Berkeley Energia (BKY:AIM) commenced construction of its has $100m Salamanca project located in Western Spain and is aiming to be a clean energy supplier from the heart of the European Union (EU). Production will commence in 2018 and once in full production the mine will be one of the world’s top ten producers of uranium.

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Berkeley Energia company profile reproduced with permission from SHARES Spotlight March 2017 issue

You buy fair trade coffee, but where does your energy come from?

Consumers are increasingly conscientious in their shopping habits, but pay little heed to the provenance of their power. Take the source of that coffee in that cup in front of you. Where’s it from? Is it ‘fair’? Who supplied it? How much does it cost? Is it ‘green’ or ‘organic’? In contrast, energy, electricity and power aren’t regarded with such evident consideration and curiosity, although paying an expensive utility bill certainly provokes its fair share of worry and concern.

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Can the world meet its climate change targets without nuclear?

Nuclear power is, for some, the black sheep of the low-carbon energy family. On the one hand you’ve got the ‘greens’: wind, solar and hydro. All of them are exceedingly clean, or at least, they seem so. As clean as a cool breeze, as a sunny day, as a rushing river. Then you’ve got nuclear. That cold-war harkening cousin of the low-carbon family.

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