More than a thousand from local community sign petition in support of the Salamanca Project

The entirety of the population of Retortillo, half the population of Villavieja de Yeltes and many more residents from other towns surrounding the project have signed a petition to show their support for Berkeley‘s Salamanca mine. The petition currently has nearly 1,500 signatures.

At a recent event organised in Retortillo, members of the Berkeley staff joined local residents to publicise their support for Berkeley’s €250 million investment, which will create over 2,500 direct and indirect jobs.

La Gaceta featured a large article on the event highlighting that local support for the project is ‘massive and unanimous’ and ‘supporting and developing the local communities are two of the foundations on which Berkeley’s project is based.’

Local residents cited job creation, which will allow young people to remain in their hometowns and reverse decades of depopulation, as a key reason for signing the ‘Si A La Mina’ petition. Already, the majority of the team on site have been recruited from the local area and the Company looks forward to adding to this workforce in the coming months.

To date, the Company has received over 22,500 job applications with 400 of those coming from villages surrounding the project and of those, over 110 from Villavieja alone, which represents 25% of the population of the village.

Paul Atherley, Managing Director of Berkeley Energia, said:

“We are thrilled that so many local residents turned out to support our project over the past few days demonstrating the huge amount of support for the Salamanca mine, which is located in a region experiencing some of the highest levels of youth unemployment in the European Union.

Earlier this year the Minister of Economy and Finance for Castilla y Leon, Pilar del Olmo, heralded the investment that the Company is making in the region, commenting that the Salamanca mine will bring ‘a generation of direct employment.’

Development of the mine will stimulate the return of services such as schools, petrol stations and transport to the local villages and will help to bring back some of the 25,000 mainly young people who left the area last year to look for employment.

If young people want to stay and take on the meaningful careers that are created by economic development, they will get married and hopefully have families which will rejuvenate once-thriving local villages.

We are incredibly proud of our investment and the rejuvenation it will bring to the local community.”

ABC – The Jump To The Stock Exchange Of The Firm That Wants To Extract Uranium In Salamanca



“Last Wednesday, Berkeley Energía, a company specializing in the mining sector, debuted on the Spanish Stock Exchange with the traditional bell ringing. An operation carried out through a tri-listing connecting the stock exchanges of Spain, London and Australia, the first of these characteristics in the Spanish market. Berkeley debuted on the parquet floor of Madrid with a rise of 51.9%.

The company of Australian origin with British headquarters is developing a mining project in the region of Salamanca for the extraction of uranium.”

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ProActive Investors – Berkeley Energia announces potential cost savings at Salamanca mine

Berkeley Energia LTD (LON:BKY) has announced that the capital cost review initiated by the company has identified a number of opportunities to reduce the initial capital expenditure  at the Salamanca mine, required to bring it into production.

The company said potential saving of up to €9mln arise from optimisation of plant capacities, outsourcing of peripheral infrastructure and reducing initial throughput for production from the Retortillo deposit.

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Investors Chronicle – The Extraction Podcast

The Extraction Podcast: Berkeley Energia

Main market-listed Berkeley Energia (BKY) is building a uranium mine in Western Spain. Permits and funding have been secured, and many market watchers believing prices can only go up. But not everyone is happy with the development. For this episode of the IC’s Extraction Podcast, resources writer Alex Newman talks to Berkeley CEO Paul Atherley about the group’s aversion to debt, the uranium market, nuclear energy and local opposition.


Full interview available here.


Managing Directors Speech from June 13th Salamanca Event

Over 200 representatives of the local business community came together at the historic Fonseca Cathedral on June 13th to show their support for Berkeley’s Salamanca Project.

Representatives of local businesses, contractors, suppliers, and heads of local business associations stayed long into the evening discussing how they could help support the mine development.

Berkeley is one of the largest investors in Castilla y León which has lost over 100,000 people over the last five years

The local villages of Retortillo and Villavieja de Yeltes have seen their population decline by 30% in the last 20 years.

Speaking from the lectern in the 16th Century marbled hall Paul Atherley, CEO and Managing Director, commented:

“We are thrilled with the continued support we are receiving for our project. We’re investing a quarter of a billion euros and creating 2,500 direct and indirect jobs for which we have already had nearly 23,000 fully documented applications.

We understand that last year, the population in Castilla y Leon fell by over 21,000 people. Our belief is that if young people can stay and build careers that are created by economic development such as ours, they will get married and hopefully have families which will rejuvenate the once-thriving local villages.

Our support for this region goes beyond just job creation, we preferentially choose local businesses, ensuring that the benefit of our investment and the hard work of our employees stays within the community as much as is possible.”

Click here to read the full speech from the evening.


MIDAS SHARE TIPS UPDATE: Uranium miner Berkeley Energia digs in before a nuclear boost


“Uranium miner Berkeley Energia is based in Salamanca, 130 miles west of Madrid.

Last week, the group moved from Aim to the main market of the London Stock Exchange and listed on the Spanish market so investors all over Europe can now buy the stock in euros.

Berkeley is in a strong financial position, having signed a deal with the sovereign wealth fund of Oman to provide up to $120 million (£90 million) – enough to fund its Salamanca mine into production.”

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